Plenary session

  • Dr. Eric MacDonald, Professor at College of STEM Youngstown State University, Ohio, USA
  • Dr. David Bourell, Professor at College of Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, expert in selective laser sintering and former member of the team that invented the SLS process
  • MSc.Eng. Magí Galindo, expert in additive manufacturing at LEITAT Technology Center in Barcelona, Spain
  • Dr. Mohsen Mohammadi, Professor at University of New Brunswick, Canada

Technical session: Metal and Functional Materials in Additive Manufacturing

  • Dr. Mohsem Mohammadi (UNB, Canada)
  • Dr. Jorge Ramos-Grez (School of Engineering PUC, Chile)
  • Dr. Luis Reyes (School of Engineering, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, México)
  • Dr. Caroline Vail (NSWC Carderock USA)
  • Mr. Juan Ramírez (Ph.D.(c) UANL, México)
  • Dr. Sergio Ríos (School of Engineering Universidad de Magallanes, Chile)
  • Dr. David Bourell (College of Engineering, UTA, USA)
  • Dr. Julio Vergara (School of Engineering PUC, Chile)

Technical Session: Automation, Robotics and Instrumentation for AM Innovation

  • Dr. Eric MacDonald (YSU, USA)
  • Dr. Ciro Rodríguez (School of Engineering, Tecnológico de Monterrey, México)
  • Dr. Fernando Auat Cheein (Department of Electronic Engineering Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile)
  • MSc.Eng. Magí Galindo (LEiAT Spain)
  • Dr. Oscar Huerta (School of Design PUC, Chile)
  • Dr. Omar López (Universidad Autónoma de Nueva León, México)
  • Dr. Miguel Torres (School of Engineering PUC, Chile) Next steps & actions for Additive Manufacturing Innovation

Technical Session: Composites, Polymer and Biomaterials in AM for Structural Systems and Next Generation Batteries

  • Dr. Christopher Hansen (Mechanical Engineering University of Massachussetts Lowell, USA)
  • Dr. Juan Cristóbal Zagal (School of Engineering Universidad de Chile)
  • Dr. Paulo Sollero (School of Engineering, Universidade Campinas, Brasil)
  • Dr. Pedro Cortés (College of STEM Youngstwon State University, USA)
  • Dr. Scott Kimmins (Institute of Engineering, Biology & Medicine, PUC Chile)
  • Dr. Donghai Wang (School of Engineering Pensylvania State University, USA)
  • Alexis Maurel (Ph.D.(c) Université de Picardie Jules Verne, France)

Workshop by Graduate Students & Industry Representatives

  • Students will present their work to invited speakers
  • Industry & Government speakers
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